Scents of Paradise has been on the cutting edge of distributing and manufacturing natural products since 1989. We are committed to producing quality fragrant products while at the same time fulfilling our desire to serve humankind.

With the help of our loyal customers, we have become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of alcohol free scented products.

"Enter once as a friend, enter thereafter as family."

In understanding the connection that each of us has with the planet and all beings who inhabit Mother Earth, we have a program, "Helping Hands", that we use to support organizations and causes that promote and unify humankind.
We thank and welcome you to the Scents of Paradise family. We believe that it is a blessing to be able to give to others. Scents of Paradise graciously gives a portion of our blessings to those who are in need.

If there is a group that you feel would benefit from our donations, feel free to Email: or fax, 305-634-3400 us with that suggestion. Please tell us in a SHORT paragraph why you believe this organization should be considered.
We will consider all recommendations. Due to the many organizations that are in need, we may not be able to give to all recommended groups in an expedient fashion, but please have faith that we are doing our part to help make the world a better place.

By Supporting Scents of Paradise, you allow us to do what we do for others. On behalf of all those who receive donations from the Helping Hands Program and for your support.

WE THANK YOU - The Staff


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